Client Shout-Out: Mark Dana Management

Nestled in just about every corner of Virginia is a Mark Dana Apartment Community.  Mark Dana Management has been providing affordable housing to Virginians for decades.  From coastal communities  on the beautiful eastern shore to picturesque mountains towns and the urban cities in between, Mark Dana offers beautiful apartment homes like none other.

EWR is proud to partner with Mark Dana Management on various marketing and public relations programs to promote their communities.  If you want to learn more about their properties in a town or city near you, please check out their site at


Meet EWR’s Summer Intern, Haley Jernigan

Virginia Beach Native and Virginia Tech Sophomore, Jernigan joins local marketing firm

Jernigan and Myron Nahra at a client event.

Haley Jernigan might be found filming live stream shows, working the control room with ESPN or running events or seminars for local college students. She can also be found in the offices of EWR Management Group.

Jernigan, of Virginia Beach, is working closely with the EWR team to provide outstanding media, public relations and marketing services to clients.

“It’s an honor and privilege to guide the next generation of marketing professionals,” said Shannon Kane, EWR President. “Haley is a bright woman with a great future ahead of her.”

As a rising sophomore at Virginia Tech, Jernigan hopes to use her experiences to land a marketing job as a publicist in a major market city when she graduates. She is majoring in Public Relations with a minor in International Relations.

Jernigan’s doggie, Cressie

“I’ve truly enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside Shannon,” Jernigan said. “I’ve been on the team for a little less than a month and I have already learned so much about marketing, being a business owner, and customer service.”

When Jernigan isn’t busy working or in school, she can be found at the beach or pool. She also enjoys going to the movies with her friends, hanging out with her mini golden doodle, Cressie, and traveling.

“I like taking small spontaneous trips,” she said.

Right now, Jernigan is focused on her tasks at-hand and adds, “I look forward to all the opportunities to come.”

Should My Business Become an LLC?

Entrepreneurs face many questions when starting their businesses.

In our day to day worllc or solek assisting entrepreneurs who have just ventured out on their own, we often get asked questions regarding the formal structure of their businesses. It is important to carefully consider many different variable factors when choosing the best direction for your small business. Let’s start with the basics.

(Note:  We are not tax accountants, nor are we lawyers; so our first piece of advice is to consult an accountant or attorney.)

What is a sole proprietorship?

There is one thing all businesses, large or small, have in common: Taxes. Any income you bring in through your small business must be declared on your tax return, there are just no two ways about it. Any small business venture that brings in any kind of taxable money is, by default, a sole proprietorship. If you’re running a small business and you’ve never filed any kind of special paper work or specifically declared yourself as anything else, you are a sole proprietorship. It is the most basic kind of small business that you can be, from a tax perspective anyway.

Do not confuse a small business license for a declaration. Law requires most business owners to have a business license in order to legally operate. Make sure you are complying with local and state laws wherever you operate.

Though a sole proprietorship is the default type of small business, it might not be the wrong fit for you. Like anything else, there are pros and cons to each kind of business type. Being a sole proprietorship is simple; it is the most basic way you can run your small business.

For starters, you do not have to file any kind of paper work, pay any kind of fee, or really register your business to have a sole proprietorship – except a business license, which is typically $50.  Also, you are the only owner of the business and it does not exist as a legal entity apart from you. This means you do not need to file separate taxes for the business. You can simply declare your income and expenses from the business on your personal tax return. The only difference is that you will have to pay the self-employment tax.


What is an LLC?

LLC stands for “Limited Liability Corporation.” An LLC is different from a sole proprietorship in many ways. Foremost, an LLC is legally separate from the owner. This means it offers more liability protection because in the event the corporation was ever sued, the personal property of the owner is legally protected.  At stake are any assets of the company because the company itself is now the only entity legally liable for its actions. An LLC also has more opportunity to accommodate business growth because it offers flexibility as to how it can be taxed, who can own the business, and what kind of paper work you are required or able to file. For example, if there is only one owner of the business, you can choose to be taxed at the same rate as a sole proprietorship. But, in the event that the business grows, you can choose to be taxed as a partnership, C corporation, or S corporation.


Which is better?

The short answer is: either. Each business type has its own strengths and weaknesses. The sole proprietorship is hassle-free but offers little flexibility or protection. An LLC is more complicated, but it offers legal protection and can accommodate business growth. If you hope to grow your business in the next few years or run a business that opens you up to instances of legal liability, an LLC might be best for you. If you plan to keep your business small, producing limited income, or just do not run into liability issues, a sole proprietorship might be your best option.

Once your business is formed and you’re ready for results driven marketing, EWR is ready to assist!

EWR Founder Receives Prestigious Leadership Award

Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards single out Shannon Kane

Shannon Kane, Virginia Beach City Councilwoman and President/Chief Marketing Partner of EWR Management Group is surprised by Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President of Operations, Sylvia Haines and Senior Vice President of Programs and Communications, Priscilla Monti with the 2016 Small Business Leader of the Year Award. Kane will be honored at the Chamber’s annual Small Business of the Year awards luncheon on May 24th.

Shannon Kane, Virginia Beach City Councilwoman and President/Chief Marketing Partner of EWR Management Group is surprised by Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President of Operations, Sylvia Haines and Senior Vice President of Programs and Communications, Priscilla Monti with the 2016 Small Business Leader of the Year Award. Kane will be honored at the Chamber’s annual Small Business of the Year awards luncheon on May 24th.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – May 5, 2016 – For her leadership, impact on workplace culture, community service and professional achievement, Shannon Kane, President and Chief Marketing Partner of EWR Management, was given the 2016 Small Business Leadership Award by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce.

For 32 years, the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce has been honoring small businesses for their outstanding efforts in the community and business sector. Awards are given to the small business of the year in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Virginia Beach and Peninsula. There is also a Young Entrepreneur Award and the esteemed Leadership Award.

“I am honored to be given such a prestigious recognition from the Chamber,” said Kane, who has also served on Virginia Beach city council since 2013. “My goal is to make an impact on the lives and businesses in our community.”

Kane has a long history of community involvement. She is currently the Chairman of the Board of the Alzheimer’s Association, sits on the Beach Leadership Council, volunteered with the East Coast Surfing Championships, co-founded the Surfing Legends Hall of Fame and is a former member of the Virginia Beach Schools’ General Advisory Council, as well as volunteers as a room mom in her son, Spencer’s class.

“Shannon has the talent to understand the diverse cultures and personalities of the businesses with which she works,” said Nadine Paniccia, EWR Client. “She has the innate ability to detect workplace needs and can navigate forward to a perfect product.”

Kane’s accomplishments are plentiful. She won the Outstanding Young Virginian, 40 Under 40, and received the National Summit Award as president of Junior Achievement.

The Small Business of the Year awards, including Kane’s Leadership Award, will be presented on May 24 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. Tickets are available for purchase on the Chamber’s website.

About the Hampton Roads Chamber:
The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce is the region’s premier business organization; helping members succeed, driving regional economic growth and enhancing the quality of life for community’s residents. The Chamber is a vigorous advocate for the economic success of its member businesses, which employ nearly 250,000 men and women in southeastern Virginia.

About EWR Management Group:
EWR Management Group, founded as Events with Results in 2006 is a boutique marketing agency based in Virginia Beach, VA. While offering an extensive list of marketing and branding services for businesses of all sizes, EWR is proud to be the only Hampton Roads’ agency specializing in Cause Marketing promoting social corporate responsibility.

For more information about Shannon Kane or EWR, contact Staci Dennis at (757)377-7238 or e-mail


5 Small Business Marketing Tools to Use Today

Creating a path to success one click at a time.

Don’t let another year go by ignoring your marketing campaign. Getting new work is as important for sustaining a business as completing a job well-done.

number-5Use these tips to set up your strategy for success.

Go Mobile.  Access to the world is now at our finger tips. With a swipe of the finger, users can find where to eat, what house to buy and even who to marry. Don’t be left behind when it comes to being mobile-friendly. Make sure your web site (you do have a web site, right?) is mobile-ready. That also goes for e-mail campaigns.

Use Video.  If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video is worth 1 million – or more. Videos don’t have to be full-scale cinema production, in fact, the shorter the better. Instagram, for example, has a 15 second max for videos on its platform. Condense your message and get the videos rolling.

Content is King. Content will always be king. Excellent content builds trust and fuels engagement. Plus, search engine algorithms are now holding marketers to a higher standard and reward top-notch content.

Be Personable. What set you apart? In a world where users can find hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses who do what you do, it’s time to set yourself apart. The best way to do that is be you! Customize your content and let your personality shine through.

Call to Action. All the awesome content and outstanding videos are great, but if people don’t know where to go or how to hire you, then it’s all for nothing. Make sure you are clear on how to get in touch with you. Create a clear call to action on every piece of marketing you generate.

The goal for these marketing tips is to help entrepreneurs expand their reach and build a successful business through brand awareness.

We want to hear from you! Have tips or tricks you want to share with us? Send them to us.